Friday, August 3, 2012

A Kitchen Update, 'Cause I Know You Care

The rhubarb-ginger cordial continues to be delicious. I made a couple of batches with agave nectar that I'll save for us, and I'm on my second quadruple batch with sugar that I'll use for guests and gifts.

I ended up throwing the last half bucket of Evans cherries in a pot with water, and I made a beautiful batch of cherry jelly. I pushed the lightly dripped pulp through my sieve, added some apple sauce that was in the fridge, and cooked it down into quite a yummy bit of cherry-apple sauce. It was really good on some baked chicken breast...

I think I may be done with the rhubarb cordial, but the hint of ginger in it got me looking for ginger based cordial recipes; there is enough ginger root left to give some of that a try. I think that it could be like ginger beer when it's done. Looking forward to that.

The kitchen has been casually busy all week. The air conditioner in the window between the dining room and the sunroom has been a big help. Especially when I've had the canner throwing a whole extra whack of humidity into the already saturated air.

It's been a fun week.

And just think- apples will be ready soon!


  1. Sounds like fun! Experimenting can be so rewarding.

  2. Lauralea - Your hard work and enthusiasm over anything in the area of cooking, baking, etc., well, I simply marvel at them and I find you quite amazing in these areas. The ideas you have are incredible, and not only that - you actually bring them to fruition. I read this blog, and a few before, and thought "I wish I was like that". None of those things enthuse me. At all. Oh, I cook. etc. but quite honestly, I am immensely grateful that my husband loves to do the things you do because we do them together, and that is so helpful to me. You are quite amazing, Lauralea Friesen, and I've never even met you. One day...
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you, .ede., for you kind words.