Friday, May 31, 2013

Diagnosis: Bronchitis

Although it took all week to get in to see a doctor, (not for lack of trying)  I'm a little sad that I was able to get that appointment for this morning.

Prescription written and filled, and this squeaky-toy-cougher is home from the Ladies' Retreat and laying low.


I was looking forward to it this year.

I feel rotten enough to be glad of my own warm bed tonight, but not so terrible that I won't miss the Scrabble games and visiting.


Oh, well. Hopefully I'll soon be mended and back to 100%.

Bonus: I got a sneak peak at the results of the blood test I had done on Wednesday- the A1c (blood sugar test) number was only 6.4- up from 5.8, but very acceptable for just doing the one diabetes medication. I rather expected it to be up to 6.8 or 6.9,  so well done me.

Now, back to the recuperation...

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