Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Think I'm Ready For This

My bag is packed, I'm pretty much ready to go...

Thomas and I are heading out tomorrow morning for Saskatoon. His road trip is over, so he's back to work on Monday, and I'll be meeting Randall, who's been at the AGM in Melfort this weekend.

I think I've done everything I wanted to get done before I head out for a two week holiday: the birthday party thank you cards have been written and delivered/posted, the softening bananas have been made into muffins, the books have been chosen, the porridge and pancake mixes have been mixed and bagged, the breakfast and lunch have been packed, the clothes and socks and drugs and hair appliances and whatnot have been sorted and found to fit in the duffel bag, and although I didn't get the garden dirt raked smooth I did get the dead stalks and leaves cleared out of the rhubarb......the house plants have been watered and the coffee has been ground for the take away cups in the morning...

I think I'm mostly ready.

I feel a little un-ready, but that could just be the busy month I'm coming off of, or the fun wedding I've just been celebrating. Or the fact that everything seems to fit in just one bag. It's unusual for me to not have several grocery bags besides the duffel for clothes etc., and the cooler bag for the gluten-dairy free food, but besides the extra knitting bag, that seems to be it. 

So... as I sit here in a house that is quiet except for the delightful crickety sound of the recently awakened frogs and what might be some ducks in a nearby pond, I'll bid you adieu for a bit. I may not get to my Scrabble, Words With Friends or DrawSomething games while I'm gone, but I'll do my best to find a wifi signal every once in a while so I don't get too far behind. 


Happy (finally!) spring!

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