Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fifty Is Just A Number

The thing that is most intriguing about this year, is that it's easy to percentify everything.

"Percentify"= to evaluate or clarify by means of mathematical calculation in order to give a percentage value to an event or situation.

Yes, I know, I just made that word up. It's okay. It's my birthday. I'm allowed.

For example: I am 50. I have been  married for 28 years this year, therefore I have been married for 56 percent of my life.

Or: I have four children, and have been a parent since I was 24, therefore I have been a mother for 48 % of my life.

When your life numbers 50 years, it's too easy to NOT percentify everything!

How about... I have lived in a Field/the country for about 30% of my life. I've been a driver of motor vehicles for 68% of my life. I've been able to read for 90% of my life. I've had hair for 100% of my life. I've played the piano for 88% of my life. Had a pet dog - 36%. Been a big sister-98%.

It's fun!

Happy Birthday, me.

Happy percentification!

"Percentification"- the act of assigning a percentage value to an event or situation.

Again, it's my birthday. I'm allowed. I promise to stop making up words tomorrow.


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