Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And Let Them Continue

Yesterday was a good day. Not exactly as planned, but good.

We have a bad habit, out here in The Field, of starting the day with a plan to evacuate said Field, and then being tired out before we begin. Some days we just stay home and chill out. Some days we get as far as Wetaskiwin or Camrose, and leave the big city alone.

Yesterday I proposed Ponoka, and so it was.

I really like Ponoka- I think as a whole, it's my favourite little town within a 1/2 hour radius of The Field. Camrose has a great downtown, and if you want a Big Box Store, that's the way to go, but as a whole, Ponoka is a really nice little prairie town.

Ponoka also has a couple of fabulously fun thrift stores and an awesome used book store. Although we ended up having supper at Wendy's, (which is great, as far as I'm concerned, because they have some delicious salads, and their meat and chili is gluten free, so for fast food, they have a lot of options for the gluten, dairy and soy free eater), I scored a set of 15 Martha Grimes "Richard Jury" mysteries, as well as a delightful L.M. Montgomery book that I don't think I've read, and a little "50 Card Games For Children" book. Fun times ahead in this house! I'm loving "Magic for Marigold", and I'm only on the 2nd chapter.

Tonight I've got a Mushroom Cream Hamburger thing going on, with a pot of water boiled up and ready for the rice vermicelli. There's a bowl of strawberries from my Secret Prayer Sister at church sliced up and ready for ice cream (for him) and the gluten and dairy free angel food cake I made for me. YUM!

Tomorrow is looking like a regular type day, for the most part. I didn't get any of the MOPS prep done today, so I'll have to do that all tomorrow. I might have a breakfast or lunch date, and I'm planning roast chicken breast and sweet potatoes for supper.

'Cause I'm sure you all want to know :)

Yup. So far I'd say the birthday week is going well. As soon as I sign off here I'll go stir the pot again, and then crack open the Avon and check out the orange watch I ordered...


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