Friday, June 7, 2013


I got a phone call yesterday.

"I'm calling from Visa. Is Mrs. Friesen there? Did you get the letter we sent you? You didn't get the letter?"

*spidey senses start tingling...

" Well, that's alright. You've been selected for a special low interest bonus...mumbo jumbo... because your account is always up to date...mumbo jumbo... your interest rate will be reduced to 6% for life... mumbo jumbo..."

**guy is talking like a telemarketer and I'm getting more than a little annoyed...

"You just need a paper and a pen, and your Visa card..."

***spidey senses really vibrating now...

When I asked why I needed my Visa card he said it was to validate the number. I suggested that if he was from Visa he knew the number and didn't need me to give it to him. He said he couldn't say the card number over the phone for security reasons. When I said that I would likewise not be giving that information over the telephone the line went dead.

This was the second phone call in as many days. After the first call I told him I would look for the letter and they could call me back in a week. 

After the (second) caller hung up on me I rifled through the mail and opened several Visa envelopes, as I let the conversation filter through my brain. The Visa account is in Randall's name. Whenever Visa has phoned us they always ask for him by name. This guy asked for "Mrs. Friesen". I also took a closer look at the last credit card statement- we already pay 6%. 

People beware. The credit card and banking community continually reminds us that they will never ask for your card number or banking information over the phone or in an email. 

Don't be fooled. 

I imagine my name's been taken off their list...

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