Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Pay Off

I zipped into town this morning to officially get the skinny on last week's blood work.

My iron is up a bit- a good thing, and although my A1c (blood glucose scan number) is up a bit, it's a very good, nay excellent number for a diabetic.

Three months ago, after a year with Gliclazide (to "squeeze more insulin out of the pancreas", as it was explained to me) and without gluten, dairy and soy the A1c was 5.8- a number I'm pretty sure I haven't seen since I failed the glucose tolerance test seven and a half years ago. Last week's test gave me a 6.4, and I'm quite excited by it.

It feels like I'm getting myself back, a little. A year ago my blood sugar was creeping up and up, and was always high for no apparent reason. The Gliclazide brought it down, but it also made it quite unstable, with some pretty drastic lows.

After a year without the food stresses, (gluten, dairy, soy) my blood sugar is much more stable, and I've been able to drop the Gliclazide.

I don't have to go for blood work again until the end of November, and I think the amoxicillin is kicking in, so I'm feeling pretty fine today, all things considered.

It took a year, but it's nice to see the solid, documentable benefits of sticking to the "free" diet.

Three cheers!

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