Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On The Outs With The Interweb

It's coming up on a week since our Internet has been down.

When we knew we were moving to The Field, I remember telling someone that God must like me because there was an Internet tower on the roof of the house. She figured he didn't like me, he LOVED me.

For the most part I have had no issues with the Cybersphere since we've moved. It goes away from time to time, but we have a great Tech Guy who is terribly committed to keeping us on-line. It becomes a kind of science experiment when we have Internet trouble of any lasting length.

I didn't mind it terribly for the first three days, but Randall was away for the next three days, and being without a world-wide distraction was interesting. My Scrabble rating has fallen a bit, and I was way behind in my email and Facebook comments.

I've been reminded how Internet dependent we've become. Taking a break from it's not a bad thing. On certain levels it's even a bit freeing.

I got whacks of housework and cleaning done...

But it's good to have Randall home, with his IPhone and it's "hotspot" capability. Starbucks is another good option, but... it's a good half hour away.

I should wrap this up before the mega-bites turn into giga-bites... as if I know what I'm talking about.

I'm sure this has just been one of those weeks to remind us how good we have it. If you never have rain you don't fully appreciate the sunshine, right? We will be very happy to have our Internet back, and I suspect that even a slow speed day next week will feel luxurious.

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