Saturday, August 3, 2013

That Hasn't Happened For Thirty-Two Years

Yesterday I did something I haven't done since I was 18. 

(50 really IS a lot of years...)

Yesterday morning found me sitting at the side of the road in front of a police car with sinisterly flashing lights.

I met him on the second stretch of highway between here and town, and as soon as he flipped on his lights I knew I'd been tagged. No defense- I'd just glanced at the speedometer...


The last time I got a speeding ticket the concerned officer warned me to be careful after he signed the paperwork and discharged his duty with, I'm sure, his own daughter in mind.

Yesterday the young officer who warned me to be careful could have been my son.

At least there wasn't much traffic during those fifteen minutes of shame, and I was thankful to be on my way again before Micah, who I knew was getting ready to leave home to get back to camp for his last weekend, passed me. 

So yes. If you were one of those vehicles who drove by the little black focus on highway 611 yesterday morning around 11:00... yes. That was me. 

The lead foot has been effectively amputated.

At least for another few years...

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