Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Today was as relaxed and chill as a humid summer day in The Field can be. The complete opposite of this day in history, 1985.

For all that our wedding day was busy and exciting, today was quiet and calm. We wisely went into the city yesterday afternoon and had a nice evening out. Nothing terribly exciting; a wander through Ikea then supper at Swiss Chalet and coffee later at the Starbucks in Chapters.

Today we did some ordinary type Saturday things, and at 8:00 pm, the day is starting to look pretty much done.

The high spot of the day was reading with my granddaughter over the Internet.

Our daughter initiated a video chat with her Dad at the office, and he wandered over with his phone and handed it off to me. We had a nice time chatting and watching Little Girl's antics. When antics became old news, she started getting books out of her cupboard. One at a time. "Read this to me, Mummy!", and each time Mummy said, "In a little while. We're talking to Nana right now." When she brought "Are You My Mother", I grabbed my copy off the shelf here and asked if Nana could read it to her. Johanna was right with me, and reminded Little Girl of the book on tape they'd had, where she listened to the story and turned the pages.

So away we went. I read and she held her book and turned the pages.

It was lovely.

And I think it was a fitting tribute to our 28 years of marriage- a joy that we hoped for and thought we might not have. God has been good to us, family wise. Our friendship is still strong. Our love is still sweet. There is joy in our four grown children and abundant joy in the emerging next generation of little people.

It was a good day.

Twenty-eight years ago, and also today.

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