Friday, August 23, 2013

The Eyes Have It

I got my annual eye test last week, and my eyes, if you can believe it, have become slightly more middle aged in the five years since my last check-up.

I have been noticing that there is a certain distance that does not work with either my spectacles or the naked eye. I have been mentally processing my options for quite a while now, and it came as no surprise that I need a second, middle distance lens.

I concluded, long before the optometrist, that my lifestyle isn't really conducive to progressive lenses; the only time I get frustrated with my eyes is when I'm trying to play the piano or sing from a music stand during worship. I read, can handle the laptop on the table and do handiwork like knitting and sewing without the glasses. Everything else- driving,  television, movies and life in general needs the distance lenses in my regular glasses.

The "2 pair for $169, including lenses" confirmed my convictions, and I got two pair of glasses which were ready to be picked up today.

I tried them both on at the store, and concluded that they'd be fine- the middle distance ones seemed to be about right and although I didn't wear the new long distance pair home, because the lenses are a little stronger than previously and I felt a bit wonky when I put them on, I thought these two pair would be just what the doctor and the middle aged housewife ordered.

And then I discovered the fatal flaw.

The new glasses are too wide. Not across my face, but from top to bottom.

They're too long to look under. I chose my last pair because they had fairly skinny lenses, so I could see under them  for reading.

And knitting.

While watching T.V.

I was a little worried about that when I picked the new frames, but I hoped they'd be okay.

They aren't.


Now I'm reconsidering my options, and trying to explain to the husband that if I got progressive lenses I'd need tri-focals with the long and mid distance strengths, and then a blank, plain glass bit at the bottom so I can see close up. For reading.

And knitting.

While watching T.V.

Get the distance glasses remade with a plain bottom bit? Get the mid distance "reading" glasses remade with a distance bit at the top and a plain bottom bit to cover all the angles? Take my old frames in and have them made up with the new distance prescription so I can once again look under the lenses for reading.

And knitting.

While watching T.V.


Decisions, decisions.

Getting old is a pain.

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