Monday, February 26, 2007

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window...

So, last week, as I was rushing about doing errands, I chanced to notice a "50% OFF!" sign in the pet store window.

I'm sure it must have said, "50% OFF..." and then said "all hamster accessories" or something, but I only saw the "50% OFF" bit as I drove by. 

This got me wondering what happens to prospective pets that don't get sold.

Do puppies and kitties have an expiration date?

Is there a "sell by" or "best before" date stamped on their little rhinestone collars? 

When puppies and kitties are no longer cute and fluffy... when they become big ol' dogs and cats... when they hit voice changing puppy and kitty puberty and  their sweet little puppy yips and kitty meows become full throated barks and yowls... when they outgrow their little cages... what happens to them?

People want to adopt a baby dog. A baby cat.

I mean, goldfish and hamsters- birds even, they're alright. 

Fish tend to grow as big as their environment will allow... so if they're kept in a pet store fish tank, they'll always look like baby fish.

And hamsters... all those rodents really, are small animals, so even if they are full grown they still look little and cute and fluffy. (if you're into that sort of thing...)

But the puppies... and the kitties... what happens to them if they don't get sold?


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  1. Treat them carefully and you'll find that in the correct environment kittens won't grow too big.

  2. You don't want to know what happens to kitties and puppies when they reach their "expiration date".

  3. What I found out, at Petland, if after awhile, they don't sell, they are put on sale (not much of a sale) Then, if they don't sell, they go back to their owners and they put them up for sale, at a much cheaper price. As far as I am concerned, being the pet lover that I am, baby dogs and cats or full grown dogs and cats, they are all adorable. Come on, Lauralea, get with it! LOL

  4. I recently saw an add for a great dane. Had to get rid of it immediatley because of allergies.

    I wondered..... who has the allergies the owner or the dog.....???!!!