Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Can I Go To Hide From Your Love, O Lord

Where could I flee from your keeping?

Your love surrounds me-  how your grace astounds me!

I'll follow where you lead.

And if I should go astray, Lord,  and if my feet should falter,

You'll be there with me, watching me, protecting,

You will lead me through this dark and weary valley

And bring me safe to heaven.


When I look out and see the darkness gather

And my soul despairs within me,

Your spirit near me drives away my fear

He fills me with hope again.

And should I grow faint and weary, and if my heart should fail me,

Your love will guard me, nothing there can harm me

You will gently gather me into your arms

And carry me safe to heaven.


Half of a duet to be sung to Haydn's Sonate in C, Hoboken XVI:10, Trio

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